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John Beardmore John at T4sLtd.co.uk
Sat Nov 14 11:44:00 CET 2009

Richard wrote:
> John Beardmore escribió:

> As i said on my prior message (right at the bottom), laptops are almost 
> as standarized as desktops.  So, when you bought your Vostro the 
> standard graphics card was the 8400M, but maybe they sold it off and 
> started to assemble it with 8600M.
> Today the Vostro 1720 has a 9600M and if you want, you could put an ATI 
> one. They're called MXM modules and are small PCI-Express video cards 
> for notebooks.

No real interest changing unless it meant I could do protein folding oin 
the GPU. I think I can do that with the nVidia though, but I'd have 
needed to upgrade the video driver.

For some reason I couldn't get the driver to update. I suspect Dell may 
have frigged the OS to make it hard to install drivers they hadn't 
supplied, but I never got to the bottom of it.

Wouldn't have been a bad thing to upgrade the driver though. It did do 
the odd funny thing in Scribus.

>> Device manager also mentions a
>>     Mobile Intel(R) PM965/GM965/GL960
>>     Express Processor to DRAM Controller - 2A00
>> so I guess that's all fairly ambiguous unless all or none of them can 
>> access more than 4 gig ?
> ¿?... Is Intel claiming that the chipset can't access more than 4GB of 
> RAM?.
> The current vostro 1720 is offered with up to 8Gb of RAM.

Assuming that "Express Processor to DRAM Controller" is the relevant 
bit, I guess I'd first need to know if I have the Mobile Intel(R) PM965, 
GM965, or GL960 ?  Not sure how I can determine that without taking it 
apart ?

>> Indeed, but I don't want to muddy the warranty situation by using non 
>> Dell stuff at this stage.
> Well... as in my country usually there is not such thing as a warranty 
> or when there is one is applied "piece by piece" because we are not used 
> to brands but yes to clones, i'm not too familiar with the fact that you 
> can actually void your warranty if adding something not "autorized".

I have in the past, and I've got away with it.

> So, keep on the brand, but i can tell that you may go to your autorized 
> dealer to ask for the bigger available hard disk without issues. There 
> is nothing about incompatibilities. Unless you ask for something your 
> chipset or O.S. can't handle, but at least 500GB shouldnt give trouble.

Fo some reason Dell claim that I'll need a different mounting plate for 
a 500 gig drive. I suspect this is bull, but we'll see when they send it.

As the machine is under warranty they owe me a 250gig disk anyway. It 
only costs me £50 more to upgrade the replacement to 500gig so I'll do that.

> Today i have changed my 4GB/666MHz memory on the laptop, to 4GB/800MHz 
> (went to 760MHz -AMD cpu/bus division stuff-) while vendor and 
> manufacturer claim it won't work. (i'm writing from it)

I'm similarly working on an old T30 ThinkPad with 2 gig of RAM. 
According to most suppliers it won't go above 1 gig, but if you flash 
the BIOS it will.

Cheers, J/.
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