[scribus] Difficulty with Lines

Enzo Gianvittorio enzo.gianvittorio at googlemail.com
Thu May 28 19:16:29 CEST 2009

wow I really hope you can find a solution to your problem (I am afraid I
would not know how to help you)

I am trying to use Scribus for the design fo a glossy but had to switch to a
copy of In-Design in windows.. its silly since I really like the idea of
using open source and scribus looks great at first use but when needing to
achieve something with lots of precission and effects etc.. nothing compares
to the power Adobe In-Design can deliver when dealing with lots of images
and lots of things... I really hope Scribus could evolve on this issues
since its the only DTP program quite decent in the open source arena..!
cheeers..  hope you can find a solution to your problem..

2009/5/28 Jessica Evans <jessica at lunula.com>

> Scribus on Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600
> Hi all,
> So far I've used Scribus for two edition of my 12-page newsletter, and I've
> noticed some things that are hard to deal with, or possibly bugs.  I'm not
> an experienced open-source user so I hope starting here, rather than trying
> to figure out how to open bug reports, is ok.
> So, one thing I need to do a lot (really really a lot)  is generate simple
> vertical and horizontal lines to demarcate columns.  I have found this to be
> weirdly difficult with Scribus.  With other graphics and D.P. applications
> I've been able to press the Shift key while drawing a line to constrain the
> line to be either horizontal or vertical.  This doesn't work with Scribus.
>  The only way I can get a line to be truly horizontal or vertical is to:
> * Create a guide & turn on snap to guides
> * Start the line and end the line near the guide
> * Pull one end of the line to the guide
> * Pull the other end to the guide
> * Repeat a few times until the line is really actually straight.
> I don't know why the guide doesn't fully constrain the points at the ends
> of the line...I seem to need to pull the line past the guide in one
> direction, at both ends, several times, to really get the line totally
> vertical or horizontal.
> Second Issue: Can't Lengthen Lines
> I simply cannot lengthen/shorten a line without changing the angle or
> changing the location of the line.
> Once I have a vertical or horizontal line I want to be able to mouse over
> until it is the 2-way arrow, signifying the line will be
> lengthened/shortened rather than either:
> * moved (4-way angle)
> * or changed in length and angle (angled arrow.)
> It is extremely difficult to get the 2-way arrow to appear at all, but if I
> view the document at 400% I can usually get it.  However, the action is
> always as for the 4-way arrow. Even when the icon is the 2-way arrow, the
> line just moves, it doesn't stay in place and lengthen/shorten with the
> mouse action.
> Any help/advice much appreciated...I have to generate horizontal and
> vertical lines many many times for each edition I produce.
> Best wishes, Jessica
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