[scribus] Font / Style Signifiers in Story editor

Jessica Evans jessica at lunula.com
Fri May 29 05:58:09 CEST 2009

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John Jason Jordan wrote:
 > ...
 > 3) Make the Story Editor remember the position the cursor was in when
 > it was last used. And make it stop moving the cursor back to the
 > beginning of the story every time you change the focus to another
 > window. Scrolling back to where you were over and over again is really
 > annoying when you have a long story.
Hi John. I would have the same request, especially since the text in the 
Editor is an undifferentiated mass of gray.  It is very difficult to 
find one's
place.  There's nothing quite like having to pore through screen after 
screen of poorly-displayed text to give you a headache. (Again, we 
return to the theme of
visual disorientation.)

The thing is, I can appreciate that the developers don't want a WSWG text
formatting window because it slows the application down.  I'd be just as 
to have formatted characters delineated as such by tags. Or heck, even an
asterisk on either side would do the job, (so long as the display of 
up top was current and correct for the location of the cursor.) And of 
as John points our, the cursor should stay put. In fact, a 
stably-located cursor
would be a huge help in dealing with the lack of visual feedback in the 

One other note about cursor location. This is another feature request.  I'd
like it if the cursor placement within the text box was replicated in the
Story Editor. In other words, if I see something in the text box that needs
fixing, I'd like to be able to use the cursor tool to place the cursor 
then right-mouse-click -> Edit Text, and have the Story Editor appear 
with the
cursor in that same location. Ditto for selected text in the text box: 
it would
appear already-selected in the Story Editor.

A lot of the document production process involves proofing, fixing little
errors, making small changes, etc.  A supportive user interface is a 
huge help
in these painstaking little tasks.

Best wishes, Jessica

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