[scribus] Unknown Exception Error - help?

Jessica Evans jessica at lunula.com
Fri May 29 04:47:36 CEST 2009

Hi Ermin,

It looks like we're using the same settings with two exceptions:
 * In my export attempt, pictures are set to 600dpi (because the image 
quality really matters in my hardcopy prints.) I don't know if this is 
causing the problem. I could try reducing it.
 * The other possibility I can think of is that my preflight gives a 
complaint about embedded PDFs as images.  I could change this by 
demanding that my advertisers supply tiff instead of PDF to me, but they 
don't want to, and so I don't want to ask it of them.  I hope that isn't 
the problem, since they all universally prefer to give me PDFs. 

I used these same PDF advertisements last month, and also the same image 
file setting, with no problem.

I wonder if zipping the files up and transferring them to the UNIX box 
would help.


Ermin de Winkel wrote:
> Hello Jessica,
> This year I completed a 418 page instructionbook under the same system.
> Scribus and windows XP Home SP3 published to PDF. No problems
> encountered. Meanwhile I changed to, also without problem.
> Under Document options: Page size : A5
> 	PDF export:	compatibility PDF 1.3
> 	Text and vector compressed, method automatic, quality automatic,
> pictures to 80 dpi (to reduce filesize only, without compression file was
> 500 Mb), exporting to both web and printer.
> No item attributes
> No table of content (did it manually)
> Sections: 61 (as an alternative TOC)
> No alternative colour used
> General Options:
> External programs:
> 	Postscript: Gswin32c.exe
> 			Gimp-2.6.exe
> Various
> 	Lorem Ipsum:	not used
> Plugins:
> 	Export as picture File export	Action
> 	Fontpreview		Extras	Action
> 	Colourwheel		Extras	Action
> 	Short words		Extras	Action
> 	New from template	File New	Action
> 	Open office Draw importfilter
> 	Save as template	File Saveas	Action
> 	Older .SLA support
> 	PS/EPS importfilter
> 	Scripter
> 	Barcode generator
> 	SVG export
> 	SVG Import
> Scripter
> 	No extensionscripts
> So far most of the options from my machine.
> Make sure that Preflight is flawless.
> Hope you can use this info
> Ermin
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> Onderwerp: [scribus] Unknown Exception Error - help?
> Hi all,
> This will be the first of a few emails to the list. I've saved the worst 
> for first.
> I'm using Scribus on Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600 and every 
> time I try to generate a PDF of my (finished, done!) 12-page newsletter 
> I get an 'Unknown Exception Error' and Scribus crashes.  I'm at my 
> deadline and also my wits' end. Any ideas?
> -Jessica
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