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Gauthier Fleutot gaf at bellman.se
Thu May 28 09:50:11 CEST 2009

Thanks everyone for the answers.
Your replies match what I was suspecting, unfortunately.

Greg, I think this is kind of what I am doing already. The thing is that I would like the square to be at a defined position, and to move with the bottom edge of the text frame.

John, I will definitely try that "last paragraph" trick.
The arrows to tell the reader that the article continues are not critical.
But cross-references, I really hope they are coming in a version soon!

Thanks again!


Subject: [scribus] end sign in text frame

John Culleton wrote:
> On Wednesday 27 May 2009 04:07:58 gaf at bellman.se wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> Articles in magazines end often with a end-of-article symbol (for
>> example a little black square). I find it very useful as a reader.
>> In the last version of the newsletter I'm doing the layout for, I
>> just included a black rectangle object at the end of articles, by
>> hand.
>> Is there a way to do that automatically?
>> Including a symbol on the right side of the last row of a text
>> frame is something a computer should be able to do, right?
>> If it is not possible to do automatically, how do you other users
>> do it? I find it difficult to place the rectangle in a consistent
>> way (it always end up a little lower there, more to the right here,
>> ...).
>> Some magazines include also some kind of arrow symbol to signal
>> that the article continues on the next page.
> A simple solution is to skip a line and type
> --end--
> centered on a line by itself.  This is an easily recognizable symbol.
If it's something you're going to use again and again, it can be worth
the work (not so much, really) to use an inline object. Make a small
square or whatever shape you want, select it, Ctrl+C, then paste Ctrl+V
in your text frame.

It may seem inflexible as far as position, but you can align it with a
transparent object enlarged and/or shifted, then Group the objects so
they will copy and paste together. Once you find one you like,
positioned the way you like, save it in the Scrapbook and you will have
it whenever you need it on future docs.

Using this method, you aren't restricted to any particular characters or
shapes, and could even have a multicolored one.


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