[scribus] end sign in text frame

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Wed May 27 21:45:00 CEST 2009

On Wed, 27 May 2009 01:07:58 -0700
gaf at bellman.se dijo:

> Articles in magazines end often with a end-of-article symbol (for example a little black square).
> I find it very useful as a reader.
> In the last version of the newsletter I'm doing the layout for, I just included a black rectangle object at the end of articles, by hand.
> Is there a way to do that automatically?
> Including a symbol on the right side of the last row of a text frame is something a computer should be able to do, right?
> If it is not possible to do automatically, how do you other users do it?
> I find it difficult to place the rectangle in a consistent way (it always end up a little lower there, more to the right here, ...).

The best way I have found to do this is to clone the paragraph style
you are using and call the clone "last paragraph" or something. Then
set the clone to be based on the regular style, and set a right margin
at the right border. Having applied your "last paragraph" style to the
last paragraph, tab at the end of the last line and type a character
that is a black box, or whatever symbol you want to use to signal the
end of the article. If your main font does not contain such a
character, use a dingbat font. 

I'd rather use a character from a font for the symbol than an image
pasted into the text. The reason is that you can't do much to
manipulate an image pasted into text, but a character in a font can be
adjusted in all the ways that Scribus has available for text formatting
- size, adjustment from the baseline, etc. 
> Some magazines include also some kind of arrow symbol to signal that the article continues on the next page.

It is annoying when people like me keep saying "InDesign can do that,"
but here I have to say "InDesign can do that." In InDesign you can make
it say "continued on #" and it will automatically place that text at
the end of the frame, automatically inserting the page number of the
next frame. Scribus cannot yet do that. And it won't be possible until
Scribus gets cross-references to bookmarks. I don't know when that will
happen, but I'm pretty sure I've seen it on the roadmap somewhere.
Meantime, you can do it manually.

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