[scribus] Blend function

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Wed May 27 06:54:49 CEST 2009

> I would like to blend one photo into another using the blend function.
> The description of how this could be done is not included in the
> Scribus manual.
> Also, I have been able to find the blend function only on 1.3.5 rc1.
> There is a direction in the source file for to
> use --enable-cairo when running ./configure but this is obsolete
> since ./configure is not included in the distribution. I installed
> cairo and ran
> cmake --enable-cairo .
> but that did not create a usable binary, or indeed any binary at all.
> I downloaded the executable for Win XP in that partition but that did
> not have the blend function either.
> If the blend function cannot be used to blend two photos together
> along an edge then the whole question is moot. I have to use Gimp.
> But I am curious about why it is so difficult to find it in any
> stable version of blend on Scribus.

Hi John,

I could be wrong, that those effects are only available in 1.3.5+

So I suggest that you use 1.3.5rc1 as the developers believe it is
pretty stable


ps. It is probably best to follow the wiki when trying to build the
various flavours of Scribus



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