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Sun May 24 23:53:46 CEST 2009

dwain.alford wrote:
> On Fri, May 22, 2009 at 5:58 PM, John Jason Jordan
> <johnxj at comcast.net>wrote:
>> On Fri, 22 May 2009 23:43:13 +0100
>> John Beardmore <John at T4sLtd.co.uk> dijo:
>> > > nitro pdf 6 is in beta at the moment.  scribus pdf forms
>> crash
>> the
>> > > program.  i am a beta tester and have submitted a bug to them along
>> with the
>> > > scribus generated pdf and the sla file.  maybe you might be
>> interested
>> in
>> > > becoming a beta tester also and work with the nitro beta team to try
>> and
>> > > correct the crash problem for scribus generated pdfs.
>> > Questionable as it seems to be commercial software ?
>> Not only does it cost $99, it is for Windows only.
>> It might be useful for certain PDF forms that I'd like to be able to
>> create, as you can assign only limited fonts to a control in OOo and
>> Scribus. Otherwise, I can open any PDF (one page at a time) in Inkscape
>> and edit it to my heart's desire. Why pay for something that I can do
>> with free open source software?
> you seem to be missing the point.  yes it cost $99 and yes it is for
> windows
> only, but it won't open a scribus generated form, but yet abrobat (which
> costs more than $99) and reader (which is free) can open a scribus
> generated
> pdf.  then why wouldn't the scribus team want to allow other pdf programs
> like nitro pdf to open their pdf files?

PDF is a specification by Adobe. Scribus tries to produce correct PDF
according to that spec,
and an easy way to check that (at least partially) is to make sure it works
with Adobe Reader.

Ok, sometimes Adobe Reader admits stuff that's not according to spec, or
chokes on stuff that is.
If we become aware that Scribus produces PDFs which are not according to
spec, we will fix it, even if Adobe Reader accepts it. In the other case we
might refrain using stuff that is permitted by the spec but
that is not allowed by Adobe Reader, since Adobe Reader (plus Acrobat with
Pitstop plugin) are our
reference clients for PDF. 

If other PDF clients don't handle Scribus PDFs which are a) according to
spec and b) are handled by Adobe Reader correctly, we might file a bug
report for the client software, but will in general not make
changes to Scribus. The reason for that is that the specification is the
common ground, and we expect
other programmers to stick to that as well as we do it.

The conclusion is that if you can't show that Nitro PDF crashes because
Scribus violated the specs, we
don't care. So if you get a reply from the Nitro guys that eg PDF form
element 'xy' is defined in 
an incorrect way in the Scribus-PDF, we will check it. 

Without the errormessage, a backtrace and access to the source code of Nitro
PDF, it's near impossible for us to work on the bug itself anyway.


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