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"Sveinn í Felli (IMAP)" sveinki at nett.is
Sat May 23 17:15:06 CEST 2009

Martin Costabel wrote:
> John B wrote:
>> John Beardmore wrote:
>>> Has anybody seen this site ? Looks like we've been squatted !
>>> Cheers, J/.
>> Yes, it definitely appears that scribus.org is a squatter. It was
>> registered by a proxy registrar called Moniker Privacy Services
>> located in Pompano Beach, Florida. The registration expires on 25 June
>> 2010, according to the WHOIS information for the site.
> Did scribus ever own scribus.org?
> If I remember correctly, there was an older scribus.org web site, older
> than Scribus-the-DTP. It belonged to some French association or other,
> called "scribus".  Look at the news from 1999 at
> <http://www.eveil.asso.fr/association/historique.php>
> Maybe someone with more skills in web archeology can dig up the story?
> I suspect that it this association's web site that is squatted now.
Novembre (1999): Avec le COFRADE, dont l'association ÉVEIL
est membre, participation au 20ème anniversaire de la CIDE
(Convention Internationale des Droits de l'Enfant) à La
Villette, et lancement à cette occasion d'un journal
participatif pour les jeunes sur le site Internet de
l'association, SCRIBUS.
Seems like they used the site for puplishing a collaborative
journal for youngsters, maybe only for this occation (20th
anniversary of The Declaration of Rights for Children).


Sveinn í Felli

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