[scribus] Automatic Line Spacing

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Wed May 6 18:56:08 CEST 2009

1.3.5 Beta, April 19.

I do mostly linguistics work so my main font is Junicode. Junicode has
a small x-height, so for body text it looks best at about 12 points. I
have defined that as paragraph style "Normal" along with Automatic Line
Spacing. This looks fine to me. All my other paragraph styles are based
on Normal.

Looking in File > Preferences I see that Automatic Line Spacing is set
to 20%. To me that means that the entire line should be 120% of 12
points, or 14.4 points. 

Looking at a text frame in my present work that is 686 points high I
find that it contains 39 lines of text, where all the text is set to
Normal. This means that each line is actually taking 17.58 points. 

I must have misunderstood what the 20% means in File > Preferences. If
I set my styles to Automatic Line Spacing, how can I find out what
spacing Scribus is actually using? Or have I discovered a bug?

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