[scribus] edit photo background of the text frame

kanette at op.pl kanette at op.pl
Tue May 5 18:06:49 CEST 2009

Hi, I hope some of you can help me.. :-)

I've got a problem with modyfying text frame when it's located on the image
frame (I mean photo is a background for the whole page, text frame is
smaller).What I want to do is to modify the part of photo under the text
frame to make the text better visible (to lighten the photo there etc)
Sorry, I'm not sure how it's callled, but I hope you understand more or less
what I mean ;-) Can I do something like this in Scribus? As far as I see, I
can make the background either transparent or colourful by choosing one of
the colours, I couldn't find any possibility to edit photo background (?)
(there's an option 'image effects'-'colorize' but first: it concerns the
whole photo, second: I'd like to leave oryginal colours)

Could anybody help me to do it? Please! :-)
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