[scribus] Scribus terms - translation index

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Mon May 4 23:36:08 CEST 2009

I have been redoing a workbook originally written and laid out in OOo,
as a tool to learn Scribus. In the past I have used QuarkXPress,
PageMaker, InDesign, Ventura, and various other layout and graphics
programs. I love Scribus, but when I go to the wiki to try to figure
out how to do something I can't find it. Many times I later discover
that my problem was not that the feature was missing but, rather, that
I was searching with the wrong terminology.

The wiki needs a "translator," or better stated, a "see xxx" utility. 

I thought of creating this myself as a my small contribution to the
project, but I can't think of all the terms. Every program has its own
terminology, but corraling them all into one list is beyond me. I don't
even always remember what a term a particular program used for a
feature. And there are hundreds and hundreds of DTP terms.

I thought if I posted this here on the list other users could chime in
with suggestions for terms to include in a "terminology translator"
from other programs to Scribus-ese. Ultimately this could be
incorporated into the wiki so that when a new user searches for a term
it will pop up with the Scribus equivalents. 

Am I crazy? Is this worth doing? Is this even possible?

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