[scribus] Text Wrap

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Sun May 3 06:03:55 CEST 2009

I've spent the past two hour trying to figure this out and I give up. 

I have a text frame which is solid text. The frame is 400 points wide.

I have an SVG graphic which is 338 points wide.

I need the text to wrap around the graphic, but if I use Bounding Box
some of the words wrap around the left and right sides of the graphic,
which is not acceptable. The text needs to jump from above the graphic
to below the graphic. 

If I use Countour Line I can't find any way to edit the countour line.
I can open the Line editing dialog box, but none of the features seem
to have anything to do with setting the offset for text wrap. 

If I select Line in the graphic Properties dialog box I can make the
line wider, but doing so makes the lines of the items in the graphic
larger, not the bounding box around the objects.

The wiki page here:


Shows an image with text offset 15-20 points around the bounding box on
three sides. But the instructions don't match anything I find in
1.3.5svn (April 19). 

Text wrap is a pretty fundamental feature of a layout app, so surely it
is possible. I hope someone can tell me how.

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