[scribus] Waiting for the Manual in the UK

Keith Abraham keith at keithabrahm.port995.com
Sun May 3 01:28:15 CEST 2009

"Slow transatlantic shipping"? Never heard of it unless they're rowing
across the Atlantic. (That said I believe people have rowed the Atlantic 
in 40-50 days!) Shipping these days is a real cut-throat business and a 
slow trip across the Atlantic is unprofitable unless it's a cruise ship.

Also I've never really understood why is it necessary to get the book 
printed outside the UK when there are hundred (maybe even thousands) of 
printers in the UK who could easily handle the job? I live in the 
sparsely populated north west of England (Cumbria) and at a quick count 
there are at least 5 local print works who could print the manual 
relatively cheaply and would be glad of the work. Perhaps someone could 

As for FLES Books Ltd I can't find any significant company information 
about the company except that it's address appears to be in a 
residential area. I can't say for certain but I get the impression that 
it may be a small, or even one-man, business. And for what it's worth my 
wife's ex-brother-in-law works for a medium sized Cornish print firm and 
he's never heard of the company.

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