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Ermin de Winkel ede.winkel at hccnet.nl
Tue Mar 31 12:17:21 CEST 2009


I’ve almost completed the translation of a 418 page instruction book, using
Scribus on Windows XP SP3. Output is on PDF 1.5, Adobe Reader
version 8.1.4

In this document I entered several links and bookmarks. About this I have
several questions:


1                    When using the bookmarks in the finished PDF-document
the page jumps to the left/lower part of the original link. Since I have
used a vertical tab for the bookmark (F2/geometry/rotation = 90°), this
means about halfway the page. I’ve tried to solve this by changing
F2/geometry/basepoint, but that didn’t work. 

Is it possible to let the PDF jump to the top of page?

2                    The order of bookmarks in the finished PDF is not the
natural order (in which the bookmarks appear in the document) nor
alphabetical. It seems the order is in which I original made the links,
writing the document. I tried to solve this by changing the names of the
text blocks to reflect the natural order. It didn’t work. 

Is it possible to change the order of bookmarks?

3                    Using links (Fields as PDF-buttons, blue underlined to
show user it’s a link, Action: GoTo pagenumber, X and Y reflecting top of
page (Y = near top of page)), the finished document jumps to low on the page
or even the next page. 

Any ideas?

4                    I made a Table of Contents using links, 3 pages in
total. In Scribus the blocks are nicely lined op at X = 40. In the finished
document the left margin is somewhat random.

5                    Is it possible to anchor the links to the text, so that
when text is added, the link moves with the text?


I’m using the Dutch version of Scribus and Reader, so it is possible that my
translations of the menu are not correct (like “F2/geometry/rotation = 90°”)


Thanks in advance

Ermin de Winkel

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