[scribus] Insert glyph

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Sat Mar 28 22:46:00 CET 2009

Using Scribus on Intrepid x86_64.

I need to insert glyphs such as Unicode 26a. In the story editor I
choose Insert > Glyph and it pops up a display of the glyphs in the
font being used. However, the character 26a does not appear. If I
manually type 26a in the box in the lower left corner of the Insert >
Glyph dialog box the Insert button remains grayed out.

The font definitely has this glyph, as I use it all the time in OOo. In
fact, lots of glyphs from this font do not appear in the Insert > Glyph

I also tried Ctrl-Shift-u plus 26a followed by a space, which inserts
the glyph in other Linux programs, but it does not work in Scribus. Is
there a special secret way to enter glyphs by typing their Unicode
number? And why does Scribus not display all the glyphs in a font? 

I dimly remember a discussion of this a long time ago on this list, but
I can't find the thread. I also scoured the wiki but couldn't find the
answer there either.

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