[scribus] Windows can't crash - very strange comment

Roger hovergo at net-tech.com.au
Tue Mar 24 00:33:38 CET 2009

> > >> I have never heard of anything else crashing on a
> > >> Windows platform.
> >
> > as far as i know, windows can't even crash, unless you
> > use very unreliable
> > software like scribus.

Either that is the most unfair comment I have heard or it is a piece of humour,
can't decide..

I gave up running windows because of the continual crashes, very unreliable
software, blue screen of death, no way of getting data back after a crash, no
help at all from any proprietary vendors, no way of getting things addressed or
fixed, no help from other users or the web searches, etc, etc. And I was using a
well known 3d modeling application and internet explorer, nothing more.

I switched to Blender, Scribus, OpenOffice,Firefox and Thunderbird and have not
had those problems for many many years.

If on the rare chance that scribus crashes on Linux, Its because I choose to use
unstable svn's,  against all advice but then I also run cutting edge os at the
same time, Linux has never crashed for me even when using early alpha versions.

I used the stable versions of Scribus for years with no indication of a glitch
let alone crashes so I would like to suggest that if Scribus crashes on your
machine then it is something else causing the fault.

I wouldn't go back to windows as my primary os for all the tea in China.

May I suggest to put in a small amount of time to learn linux, about the same
time you took to learn windows, and run linux as your main os, using windows
only and if absolutely necessary.


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