[scribus] OT: Interesting Camera/Mega-Pixel Article

Figaro marquiseduchatelet at charter.net
Sat Mar 14 05:34:20 CET 2009

Actually it is a fairly complex set of algorithms for approximation
pixel matching, color replication, pixel enlargement and predicted data
overlap then we get to the calculation of accrued aberration (edge
effect). Analogous in electro-hydraulic servo system dither versus
pre-driver current damping.
Yes, the simple answer is that it IS controlled distortion, therefore
without very careful design does markedly degrade image quality.

Just my .001 cent worth.

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> John Culleton wrote:
>> Optical zoom means moving the lens elements around, just as on a film
>> camera.  I don't think this is a significant cause of noise, but of
>> course it will vary from camera to camera. My Fujifilm E900 manual
>> states that digital zoom lowers picture quality.  I have an add-on
>> lens to avoid overuse of digital zoom.   
> My sense of "digital zoom" is that it isn't zoom at all. It's really
> just a cropping of the sensor's data and expansion to fit the screen,
> and increases the likelihood if not guarantees pixelization.
> Greg
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