[scribus] Ghost Script?

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Thu Mar 5 01:32:56 CET 2009

Phil Ward wrote:
> Hi
> currently running OSX tiger 10.4.11 PPC, 1.2ghz 1.25gig
> i was using i think (i deleted and emptied bin), and 
> downloaded 1.3.5svn from site, and installed etc..
> started up, and said Ghostscript was not found, did a quick check, and 
> set it up by linking the right folder etc, not sure why it didnt find 
> it, but its in library\framworks\ghostscript as it should be, and im 
> running 8.57 (according to the folder) & about in scribus itself
> firstly, is this uptodate enough to be running current SVN? 18th feb 
> on about info..
> secondly, im sure i got the last copy of ghostscript from the scribus 
> site (or a link), but cant find reference to it now for the mac for 
> downloading? or do you now have to install via Fink? or ports? etc?
> i believe the current version to be 8.63? and can be installed via 
> fink, found from another website.
> just wondering why this information to be possibly ommitted from the 
> site? as any new user would be given this error/warning when starting 
> up? well for OSX in particular, as in the installation documentation 
> there is no reference to GS, im not sure who is the ultimate 
> maintainer of the site, just trying to help :)
Sounds to me like you're volunteering to update the info on the wiki:



"Answer a man's questions and he comes back with more. Teach him to edit 
the wiki and he answers his own questions."

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