[scribus] 1.3.5 deb file, where?

OM malex at scribus.info
Wed Mar 4 04:07:34 CET 2009

* John Jason Jordan <johnxj at comcast.net> [2009-03-03 18:23:40 -0800]:

> I've just spent the past hour wandering around scribus.net and still
> haven't figured out how to find a deb file to install 1.3.5 on my
> Intrepid x86_64 computer. I do have installed and I don't plan
> to use 1.3.5 for production work - I don't produce much anyway. I just
> want to take 1.3.5 for a spin. 
> The how-to and the wiki refer only to 1.3.4 and Hardy is the last
> version of Ubuntu that is referenced. I'd prefer to just download and
> install a deb rather than add a repository, but either way is doable, if
> someone will kindly point me in the right direction.


http://www.scribus.net/?q=debian should be sufficient for achieving what you
want. If something there is unclear do bring it up. In short, the very first
numbered section

I. Scribus installation from the Scribus Archive in a nutshell

shows right away that the only step you have to take is add the intrepid
repository to your package manager.

 deb http://debian.scribus.net/debian/ intrepid main non-free
 deb http://debian.tagancha.org/debian/ intrepid main non-free

Optional, but potentially useful step would be to add the archive key to use the
cryptographic signatures. That's it, really.



P.S.: I'm not discussing how to "download a deb" as it's trivial to infer from
the above information, but the latest 1.3.5 scribus-ng packages are podofo
enabled, so they would need libpodofo0 if you were to go the manual download
route. I don't know why anyone would do that.

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