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Fri Jun 26 06:53:38 CEST 2009

Ronald wrote:
> I brought that to the attention of the company, but they refuse to
> pay
> for the book with the reasons:
> 1. The program is free, but how to use it we should pay?

1. You don't need to buy the book in order to learn how to use
Scribus. There is a Help menu with a manual that covers the basics.
There is a very comprehensive Wiki in several languages. There is
this mailing list and the list archives. The book gathers and
organizes the information and adds more than what you find online.

> 2. The program and the documentation seems to be independent, means
> there is no guaranty that the information is correct nor a chance to
> get
> it fixed.

2. The book was written and reviewed by Scribus developers. It is as
correct as can be.

> 3. If we have to pay, then we pay to a commercial product.

3. The book raises funds for Scribus. It is professionally
published. Is that "commercial" enough for your company?

> For me it is also not understandable that the documentation is a
> different project and extra to pay.

Scribus is free; you pay nothing. Do you really expect a
professionally printed manual to be free of charge as well? How much
commercial software comes with over 400 pages of printed
documentation? If you're lucky, you may find a PDF manual on a CD.
Your company's complaints make no sense to me.
--Judy M.

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