[scribus] Running Scribus on Windows XP

John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Tue Jun 23 22:07:17 CEST 2009

On Tuesday 23 June 2009 01:03:59 pm Steven Dayton wrote:
> >>John Culleton wrote:
> >>I have a bit of pity for those who still struggle with Windows.
> Sorry. I don't have a struggle with Windows. And so far I haven't
> had many struggles with Scribus on my Windows Vista machine. :-)
> StevenD

Scribus isn't the problem. But it doesn't come from Redmond.

Installed Win XP on the first  partition on my new machine. Win 
wanted to install service pack three. So I let it start and went to 
lunch. When I came back nothing had moved since I left. Stuck on 
the cleanup phase.  Windows said that the app was no longer 
responding.  Now I don't know what to do about SP 3.  Is it 
installed or not? Only Redmond knows for sure. 

On the same machine I had no sound on the Windows partition. So I 
called the help line of the (USA) manufacturer.  A cheerful gal 
name Janie told me just what things to download and install.  It 
all worked just as she said it would. What's the big deal? Well 
Linux just loaded and ran. Sound worked out of the box.  No need to 
download  special drivers.

Add to this the need for a anti-everything protection package from 
CA and you get the picture.  BTW the CA package came as an extra 
with my wife's new Vista laptop. Licensed for 5 computers.  It will 
work on every Win machine in the house except of course my wife's 
new Vista laptop that it came with. Drivers again.

 I wanted to downgrade (upgrade?) the laptop to Win XP but HP would 
not guarantee that the machine would work with Win XP. No kidding. 
Drivers again. But I put a Knoppix cdr in the drive, rebooted, and 
Knoppix (self loading Linux) ran like a champ.  I have to load 
special software on my Win partition for my Ricoh laser, my Epson 
inkjet and my Epson scanner. On Linux I have to do nothing at all 
for the printer, and minimal fiddling for the other two.  

I haven't fooled with any version of Win for a while. I had 
forgotten how bad it is.  Sorry to vent off topic. My wife loves 
Vista. But she never had anything else. 
John Culleton
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