[scribus] Running Scribus on Windows XP

Lori Jiacinto lori.jiacinto at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 08:48:24 CEST 2009

I've been reading about Scribus and finally downloaded it today to try it out...and I'm having problems with it.  This is Scribus prebuilt for Windows, installed from the installer; I'm running Windows XP, and I've installed Ghostscript 8.64.

The first problem I've observed is there is no "paper" shown in the GUI.  I am working through the "Scribus Quick Start Guide", and when I created a new page, there was no "page" drawn on the GUI...just rulers on the edges.  When I would add a shape and change its color, all I saw were red box outlines; the only way I found to see my page properly was with the print preview.  I restarted Scribus in console mode, and there are many messages:  "ASSERT: "src_dc && dst_dc" in kernel\qpaintdevice_win.cpp (388)     QPixmap: Invalid pixmap parameters".  What did I do incorrectly, and what should I do to fix this and see the document I'm creating?

The second problem occurred when I attempted to insert a .JPG image and Scribus crashed.  From the console window:  "Scribus Crash ----------------------- Scribus crashes due to the following exception : EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION     Calling Emergency Save".

I thought I had followed the Windows installation instructions correctly...  Is there a step I missed somewhere? 

Kind regards,

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