[scribus] Building booklets and cutting pages

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 23 00:41:38 CEST 2009

renato.petrovic wrote:
>> And since ver. 8 Adobe Reader does support booklet printing directly 
> >from menus, so you can leave the pagesorting to the program.
>> regards
>> Niklas
> I need one more thing:
> My book (A5 format) will be print on A4 as a booklet. But, I want to cut pages so I can bind it. 
> What I need  on printed A4 is small sign (line?) where to cut pages.
> Greetings from Belgrade, Serbia
well, presuming that you know what you're doing with all this cutting 
(many would perhaps fold the A4), I would suggest making A4 pages in 
landscape, so that you can then make these lines in the middle where you 
want them.

Plan B could be to use an A5 layout, then do the proper imposition 
printing to A4, THEN do a separate run in A4 landscape just to do the 
cutting marks.

And I would not suggest these are the only possibilities.

Good luck!


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