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> Merci!


** C'est avec plaisir!

> After exporting to PDF I opened the file in Adobe Reader. The file size
> was still quite large and Reader still took several minutes to open it.
> It also takes over a full minute to move to the next page. However, in
> File > Properties > Fonts Adobe Reader said all the fonts were embedded.

> Another issue that I don't understand is "encoding" in Adobe Reader.
> For all seven fonts used in the document (when embedded) Reader says
> the encoding is "custom." All of the fonts are supposedly Unicode
> compliant. I don't know where the "custom" came from or if it may have
> something to do with the speed issues.

** "Custom" encoding can define an unicode font. 

With a PS latin font you have ANSI encoding in the properties... 

> The real issue for me is print speed. I have far bigger and more
> complex PDFs created from other programs that display and print just
> fine. At this point I am not getting decent print speed out of PDFs
> from Scribus whether I export from Scribus or print to CUPS-PDF or
> print to PS. 
> Any enlightenment or suggestions would be welcome.


** Several options can be use for PS and (or) PDF with Ghostview.

- That said, about convertions, some programs make embedding of

fonts in each page, before make one file... Maybe explain the hug

file generated... Junicode, especialy regular one, take a large place

when embedded. Maybe find the Postscript font version of junicode,

called junius, covering only standart latin encoding.










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