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John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Tue Jun 16 13:56:15 CEST 2009

On Monday 15 June 2009 08:33:50 pm John Jason Jordan wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Jun 2009 19:11:32 +0000
> Hirwen HARENDAL <harendalh at hotmail.com> dijo:
> > > From: johnxj at comcast.net
> > >
> > > I'm sorry, I did not make something clear. The fonts that
> > > Scribus is refusing to embed are Junicode Regular and
> > > FreeSerif Medium, both of which are TrueType fonts. Both are
> > > also free open source fonts released under the GPL. The
> > > document contains no OpenType fonts.
> >
> > - Open Scribus, but not any document.
> >
> > - go to preference/fonts/
> >
> > - remouve the cross in partial play (jeu in french) an see if
> > the cross is in the square for postscript use.
> >
> > - Open your document, make PDF, and embed fonts if they are in
> > outlines in the windows PDF export.
> Merci!
> OK, I discovered something. All the fonts had the "Embed in
> PostScript" box checked. But the two troublesome fonts (Junicode
> Regular and FreeSerif Medium) had the Subset box checked. The
> Subset box was unchecked for the other fonts used in the
> document.
> I unchecked the Subset box for those fonts, closed Scribus,
> reopened Scribus and the document. Then I exported as PDF and the
> two fonts in question still came up in the Outline window, but
> this time I was able to move them up to the Embed window.
> After exporting to PDF I opened the file in Adobe Reader. The
> file size was still quite large and Reader still took several
> minutes to open it. It also takes over a full minute to move to
> the next page. However, in File > Properties > Fonts Adobe Reader
> said all the fonts were embedded.
> So I have made some progress - at least I have managed to get the
> fonts embedded. However, the speed issue remains. Something is
> wrong with the way I am exporting to PDF:
> (Note that the size of the Scribus file is 32 MB.)
> Export from Scribus, PDF 1.4
> 	Embed fonts - file size is 117 MB, Reader is slower than
> 		molasses on display and printing
> 	Outline fonts - ditto
> 	Uncheck "Compress Text and Vector Graphics" - ditto
> 	Uncheck "Embed PDF & EPS Files (EXPERIMENTAL) - ditto
> 	Change to PDF 1.5 - ditto
> Print to CUPS-PDF
> 	No options at all, you can't even give it a file name. Adobe
> Reader says no fonts in document. File size is 18 MB, screen
> display is snappy, printing is glacial.
> Print to PS, then use ps2pdf to create the PDF
> 	No options on print to PS, except at least you can specify a
> file name. Screen display of the resulting PDF is snappy,
> printing is still too slow, but a bit faster than producing the
> PDF via CUPS-PDF. File size is 22 MB.
> Another issue that I don't understand is "encoding" in Adobe
> Reader. For all seven fonts used in the document (when embedded)
> Reader says the encoding is "custom." All of the fonts are
> supposedly Unicode compliant. I don't know where the "custom"
> came from or if it may have something to do with the speed
> issues.
> The real issue for me is print speed. I have far bigger and more
> complex PDFs created from other programs that display and print
> just fine. At this point I am not getting decent print speed out
> of PDFs from Scribus whether I export from Scribus or print to
> CUPS-PDF or print to PS.
> Any enlightenment or suggestions would be welcome.
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For documents that print slowly I suggest exporting to pdf and then 
calling them up in Acrobat Reader, then printing from that program. 

John Culleton
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