[scribus] PDF Export and Embedding Fonts

Jan Schrewe jschrewe at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 15 12:12:53 CEST 2009

Am Montag 15 Juni 2009 04:36:29 schrieb John Jason Jordan:
> I am curious as to which is the better route - embed or convert to
> outlines? I always thought that embedding the fonts would make screen
> display and printing faster. Is that correct?

If you let a prefossional printer do the print it usually doesn't matter if 
your fonts are outlined or not. At least from my experience.

If you want to convert your font from otf to ttf you can use the following 


# Quick and dirty hack: converts a font to truetype (.ttf)
Print("Opening "+$1);
Print("Saving "+$1:r+".ttf");


If you save that as otf2ttf and chmod it to 755 you can convert a whole 
directory with:

for each in *.otf; do ./otf2ttf $each; done

After installing the resulting ttf files (and probably deinstalling the otf 
files) you should be able to embed the font.

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