[scribus] Scribus PDF flagged as containing a trojan

Niilo Sirola niilo.sirola at taipaleautomotive.fi
Fri Jun 5 09:47:19 CEST 2009

This is an oldish issue, but I did not find any resolution on it and had 
to get around it myself, so here goes.

It looks like it is a false positive by AhnLab virus scanner that 
Forefront uses. To get around it, save the files as PDF 1.5 instead. 
I've notified AhnLab of the issue and provided them test files.

A simple lorem ipsum test document saved as PDF 1.4 in Scribus is tagged 
as "Win-Trojan/Exploit-PDF" by AhnLab (but not by 37 other scanners):  

Saving as PDF 1.5 (or even editing the first line of the pdf to read 
"%PDF-1.5") however makes the AhnLab heuristics happy: 

- Niilo

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