[scribus] Ghost Script?

arthamax at sbcglobal.net arthamax at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jun 4 01:49:52 CEST 2009

On Jun 2, 2009, at 11:48 PM, alessandro rimoldi wrote:
> dear mr. arthamax
>> When I tried to contact the Scribus Team at the Scribus website
>> regarding Ghostscript
>> I received an "Error 503 Service Unavailable" notice and that ends
>> this subject for me.
> you *are* talking to the scribus team already.
> i wonder why do you want to do it through the website instead of  
> the mailing list you are already using (and avox / andreas is one  
> of the most important members of the team).
> have fun
> a.l.e

I have no idea who is reading these messages. I am simply responding  
to the information I have gathered from the Scribus website which I  
now know to be misleading and outdated.

I went through the website because avox/Andreas' reply was way over  
my head and I wanted an answer and also to give them feedback.

Scribus support options says,
"Email Scribus Team in regards to this site or other issues not  
directly related to running the Scribus program using a contact form."

I did and got "Service Unavailable."

On Jun 2, 2009, at 11:50 PM, alessandro rimoldi wrote:
> daer mr. arthamax
>> Hi,
>> I am using a Mac PPC G4 with Tiger 10.4.11 and I recently downloaded
>> Scribus_1.3.5SVN_RC1_170509.dmg (2009-05-17). When I installed and
>> opened it a window appeared saying I needed Ghostscript.
>> I found and downloaded ghostscript 8.64 along with a "corresponding"
>> ghostpdl 1.54(?). They were folders with no info or installation
>> instructions and they're just sitting on the desktop.
> basically: you don't need ghostscript to work with scribus.
> you only need it for few tasks like the print preview and including  
> ps/pdf files.
> you can start working with scribus without.
> have fun
> a.l.e

When I opened Scribus for the first time a window opened saying that  
Scribus needed Ghostscript. And one of my target goals is working  
with pdf files so apparently I do need it. And the website recommends  
8.60+. An empty mind takes what it is given and tries to work with it.

On Jun 3, 2009, at 8:59 AM, avox wrote:
> arthamax wrote:
>> Thank you Andreas for your reply but I am too inexperienced to make
>> much sense of it. You contradict the recommendations on the Scribus
>> website and in the Scribus Manual and you write about things I know
>> nothing about.
> Well, we build the GS 8.57 version especially for newbies like you  
> so they
> can get an easy installation on OSX - and you said you got that  
> working
> with Scribus. Users using Fink or MacPorts (which are two very un- 
> Macintoshy
> packet managers) might get access to newer versions. The GS 8.60  
> binary
> you tried was not built by the Scribus team and therefore doesn't
> plug-and-play
> with Scribus.
> So my recommendation as part of the Scribus Team is: use GS 8.57.  
> You will
> probably not notice the minor diffrence to GS 8.60 and there's no  
> easy way
> to get that working for you anyway.
>> Apparently there's been no readily installable Ghostscript for
>> Scribus (on Mac) since the 2007 version 8.57 and no need for the
>> subsequent five releases. I am just learning about Scribus and the
>> contradiction is confusing.
>> I'm sending a copy of my original email and the gist of what I said
>> above to the Scribus Team at the website asking them to clear up this
>> contradiction.
> Yes, we dont update our website very regularely, especially if the  
> existing
> information works for most users.
> /Andreas


If the first part of your email was posted on the website I would not  
have taken this detour. And with more experience I too will be able  
to spot and avoid the misleading and outdated "existing information"  
which doesn't really work for anybody.

I noticed that the original messages in this thread (that I found in  
the archives and responded to) are missing. If the Scribus website is  
not going to be updated regarding Ghostscript please leave this  
thread intact for people like me. It has been my experience that most  
experienced computer users assume or act like everyone knows what  
they know and we don't – and this experience makes my point.

In one of those missing messages "Wiki" was mentioned which I later  
discovered had a more updated version of an outdated Scribus tutorial  
I couldn't follow. So I'm off to have fun learning Scribus posting  
signs along the way where I trip or get lost so other inexperienced  
seekers are alerted.

This is just feedback and I mean no disrespect. Scribus appears to be  
a high quality evolving desktop publishing program which I intend to  
learn if not master. I thank you all for making it available for free  
and for your continuing support. Like the open source software itself  
the people behind it are quite remarkable.

I just wanted you to know how strange your emails are to an inquiring  
empty mind trying to access current and valid information regarding  
the continually changing Scribus. My beginner's mind requires that I  
do this.

This has been a very useful learning experience (including learning  
to use this email set up) and I thank you for your time and patience.

Take care.

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