[scribus] Drag to select

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Wed Jun 3 18:59:48 CEST 2009

On Wed, 3 Jun 2009 16:48:46 +0930
Samps <listman at unplugd.com> dijo:

> > Assuming that selecting an object happens even when you drag over just
> > part of it is by design, what is a good way to select just my lines
> > other than clicking on them one at a time while holding down shift?

> Select your lines and the text box by using the 'lasso' method. Then de-select 
> the text box by holding the shift-button while you click on it.
> FWIW, 1.3.5 on my Ubuntu needs the lasso to fully surround an object in order 
> to select during mass selection.

Thanks for the response. I also have 1.3.5 on Ubuntu (Jaunty). But I
discovered something else. After restarting Scribus and reloading the
document it no longer selects the frame unless I completely enclose it.

The document where this occurred is rather complex. I'm using 1.3.5
partly because I need its features, but also because using it on such a
document is a good way to find bugs so I can contribute a bit to the
project. I think I just found one. Unfortunaately I have no idea what I
did to the frame that made Scribus select the frame when it was not
supposed to, and I can't reproduce it with a new document. Maybe this
will happen again when I can figure out what the pattern is so I can
file a bug report.

Meantime I'm glad to know that my memory is still working. Thanks.

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