[scribus] Really weird printing problem 1.3.5Rc1

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Wed Jun 3 02:52:25 CEST 2009

On Wed, 3 Jun 2009 03:04:41 +0200
Christoph Schäfer <christoph-schaefer at gmx.de> dijo:

> Am Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2009 01:30:02 schrieb John Jason Jordan:
> > On Tue, 2 Jun 2009 16:25:04 -0700
> >
> > John Jason Jordan <johnxj at comcast.net> dijo:
> > > OK, I think this is a bug, but it's so bizarro that I can't help but
> > > think that it's just JJJ being stupid. So I thought I would ask here
> > > before filing a bug report.
> > >
> > > Pages 35-40 of a document used to contain full page tables exported to
> > > file from OOo pages, one page at a time. Scribus imported the PS files
> > > as groups, one for each page. They printed fine, but later the
> > > proofreader found enough errors that I decided to redo all five groups
> > > of PS objects as native Scribus text and graphics rather than redo them
> > > in OOo and reprint to file. Therefore, I deleted all six groups of PS
> > > graphics.
> > >
> > > After I remade the pages with native Scribus text frames and graphics
> > > (just lines, really), I printed the five pages to a Laserjet 4+. The
> > > first four pages printed just fine. The last two had the new Scribus
> > > data on them, and *also had the original PS images*, so I had both
> > > images, one image superimposed on top of the other.
> > >
> > > The original PS images for those two pages are not in the document. OK,
> > > they must be in the document, else how could Scribus be sending them to
> > > the printer? But they do not appear on screen. Preflight Manager sees
> > > nothing. Manage Images sees nothing. Plus, I *know* I deleted all six
> > > of them.
> > >
> > > Shaking head in bafflement. Does anyone have any suggestions?
> >
> > I forgot to add:
> >
> > Printing the pages to CUPS-PDF produces a PDF file that looks identical
> > to the incorrect print output. But exporting the pages to PDF from
> > Scribus produces a PDF file with the correct pages (without the ghost
> > image).
> >
> That sounds like an ugly bug. However, it would be interesting to know if the 
> deleted PS files are still listed in the Document Outline.

No, they are not still listed in the Document Outline. That is, except
for a period that apparently didn't get deleted when I deleted the six
PS groups.

However, while looking in Document Outline I found a bunch of other
things that may or may not be related. First, go to this bug report:


While looking in Document Outline I found a number of items that were
grouped with other items, where I never deliberately grouped them. In
fact, strange as it seems, one group of lines was grouped to four lines
of text in a multipage story. WTF? How do you group just selected lines
of text in a story to a graphic object?

The document in question is a bit over 50 MB. If someone has the
bandwidth, it may be worth the effort to look at it.

Thanks for the response. Still shaking my head. :(

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