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Have a look at this stuff
And tell us if you find it suitable for your need.


2009/7/31 John Beardmore <John at t4sltd.co.uk>

> Gregory Pittman wrote:
>> Johannes Graumann wrote:
>  Dear all,
>>> As my professional life takes a turn towards giving more and more
>>> presentations, I am looking for a solution on how to deal with slides and
>>> slide shows/presentations in a flexible and OS way.
>>> I have been building presentations using both scribus and OOimpress on
>>> and off, in either case utilizing pdf as the presented format.
>>> Both of these solutions (along with M$ counterparts), however are
>>> presentation centric, meaning slides are handled in an independent manner
>>> only with difficulty.
>>> What I am looking for is a solution that will a) allow me to create
>>> non-themed, independent slides (adhering to a given formatting rule set)
>>> b) store and manage these slides in a light box-like (think digikam)
>>> manner
>>> c) makes it easy to combine the slides into a presentation (pdf)
>>> d) allows me to overlay the non-themed slides in a given presentation
>>> with a custom slide design (also adhering to the constrains referred to in
>>> a)).
>>> Does anybody have any idea on how to tackle this? Th best I can come up
>>> with is a workflow involving slides as png (transparency), managed with
>>> digikam and combined/themed/format converted through scripting via
>>> imagemagic.
>> Scribus's job is to create PDFs, of course. It is possible, for example,
>> to have bookmarks and links in the PDF, which allow for "side trips" if we
>> might call them that, then back to the original train of the presentation.
>> Thus, the presentation wouldn't have to have a strictly linear organization.
>> Does this help with what you have in mind?
> Maybe it was more a matter of having a library of slides, presumably sorted
> somehow, that can easily be previewed and selected to generate bespoke
> selections to present ?
> Scribus might not be the best vehicle for this, but...  With Scribus, maybe
> a bunch of documents containing unthemed material stored as slides sorted
> into and within volumes (SLA files), pages of which can be dragged and
> dropped or cut and pasted into a new document which has a presentation
> specific theme on the master page ?
> Once you've got all that, allowing configurable routing in the resulting
> PDF might be icing on the cake ?
> Cheers, J/.
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