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"Sveinn í Felli (IMAP)" sveinki at nett.is
Fri Jul 31 19:45:08 CEST 2009

Hi John,

John Morris wrote:
>   Thanks, Andreas, for giving me hope. I'll look forward to that change
> in a future version. My problem with the MDI (I never new the name
> before) is that I generally need to work with multiple windows in each
> of several different applications. While I agree that it can be done,
> it's not easy to set things up so I can see a good bit of two or more
> Scribus documents while simultaneously giving myself access to my
> browser, an email from a client, and a couple of other windows. What do
> you do when you need to look at two Scribus documents simultaneously?

Don't know how your Mac window manager treats Scribus
windows, but normally there should be 3 buttons in upper
right corner of the (Scribus) application window;
'Minimize', 'Restore down' and 'Close', respectively from
left to right. Those buttons are 'document-window-specific'
and should not be confused with the similar
'application-specific-ones' often above them (but last time
I used a Mac they were in the upper-left corner). By holding
the mouse pointer over them you should see their names in a
tooltip frame.
'Restore down' permits resizing multiple document windows
inside of the main (Scribus) application window.

Maybe I should not add this; I use a windowing system where
I can define as many 'Desktops' as I like; one for IRC and
E-mail and such, another for webbrowser and FTP-client,
third for managing local files and such, and a
fourth/fifth/sixth for graphical work. I can switch quickly
between desktops either vith a mouseclick or a keyboard
My systems are Linuxes; there must be a way to do multiple
desktops on a Mac?


Sveinn í Felli

>> Jeffrey Silverman-2 wrote:
>>>  On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 10:24 PM, John Morris <johnjeff at editide.us>
>>> wrote:
>>  >> Hi All,
>>>>    I'm new to Scribus, but I have been doing DTP since about 1990. I
>>>> really
>>>>  like the basic layout of Scribus, with one exception. I'm a Mac
>>>> user and
>>>>  I don't like the whole window-within-a-window thing. Is there any
>>>> way to
>>>>  revert to normal Mac behavior?
>>>>    I'm using Scribus 1.3.5 and Mac OS X 10.5.7 on a 2.6GHz MacBook
>>>> Pro with
>>>>  2GB of RAM and 2.6GB free on the boot drive.
>>>>  Thanks,
>>  >> John
>>  >
>>>  I'm betting the answer is "no" because Scribus works with X-Windows not
>>>  cocoa or whatever Mac's window manger is called.
>> You loose that bet. Scribus uses the Qt library which is based on
>> Carbon on
>> OSX (and the latest Qt version might even be based on Cocoa IIRC).
>> We will probably drop the multiple documents interface (MDI) for all
>> platforms in the next Scribus version.
>> I myself always use a single maximized child window inside the Scribus
>> window anyway.
>> /Andreas
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