[scribus] portable Scribus

GianLuca Sarto glsarto at tiscali.it
Thu Jul 30 17:14:13 CEST 2009

at the moment, she's using portable scribus from an usb key.

This works. If I copy the usb folder on her desktop, it won't start again.

I can't create another user, because we use no local users, only Samba 


Gregory Pittman wrote:
> GianLuca Sarto wrote:
>> but I did do that.
>> I renamed the faulty user folder, so when she logged back, a new one 
>> was created.
>> It still doesn't start.
> forget renaming things.
> Create a new user that she can use. Maybe all she needs this new user 
> account for is Scribus, and uses her old one for everything else, 
> until you figure out the inscrutable Windows problem.
> If a new user account doesn't work then she is doing something when 
> she "sets up" things to give Scribus problems. Something is giving 
> Scribus problems, but it's not Scribus's fault.
> Greg
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