[scribus] portable Scribus

GianLuca Sarto glsarto at tiscali.it
Thu Jul 30 15:30:24 CEST 2009

but I did do that.

I renamed the faulty user folder, so when she logged back, a new one was 

It still doesn't start.


John Culleton wrote:
> On Thursday 30 July 2009 07:29:56 am GianLuca Sarto wrote:
>> ok, I did it - no luck though.
>> If I enter scribus.exe (in Program\Scribus) nothing happens, if I
>> enter scribus.exe --console a black window opens in a flash and
>> disappears.
>> I know it's a Window problem, but on the other side of the coin
>> there's Scribus....
>> -Gian
> Sometimes a user account gets messed up in either Windows or in 
> Linux. It is not worth the effort to chase down the elusive bug. 
> Establish a brand new account instead and use that. Transfer work 
> files over as needed.  That's what I did when I managed somehow to 
> screw up my home account.

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