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John Beardmore John at T4sLtd.co.uk
Wed Jul 29 17:33:28 CEST 2009

GianLuca Sarto wrote:

> John,
> I appreciate your comment.
> Usually, a forum is my resort when I already spent hours troubleshooting 
> myself.
> Even if Scribus is free, nontheless there is a hidden cost of wasted 
> hours just trying to start the program, while the project is sitting 
> there, waiting to go on.
> Although I hate the commercial attitude of Adobe, I never recall not 
> being able to launch an executable.

Sorry if I sounded rude -  I know what you mean, but when I've had 
problems, however basic or obscure, people here have been really 
supportive and solutions have invariably been found, even if it takes a 
day or two.

You are able to start the executable in the general case, so if you 
can't in a particular case, you have to isolate the difference in 
circumstance which may not be a Scribus issue at all.

Out of interest as an experiment, if you (can you ?) rename your 
scribus.exe to scribus.old, then do a

  copy WhereEverItIs\notepad.exe to \program "files\scribus\scribus.exe"

what happens then when users try to start scribus ?

Can the user who has the problem start the copy of notepad named as 
scribus ?  If so, it's likely to be a scribus problem. If not, it's 
probably an invocation / OS settings or context / permissions / policy 
sort of problem.

Just a thought, but it might help to tie things down a bit.

Cheer, J/.
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