[scribus] File size WAS editing tables

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Wed Jul 29 00:16:50 CEST 2009

> On Monday 27 July 2009 09:13:53 pm John Beardmore wrote:
>> John Culleton wrote:
>> > I wept a little. You see I am still a COBOL programmer at
>> > heart, and she was Grandma COBOL.
>> Hmmm...  I had a brief infatuation with COBOL in 1984 but if

> While I am at it, I have a file size question. I have a publisher
> who limits e-books to 3MB. The rationale is that some purchasers
> are still on dial-up.  Scribus is notorious for generating great
> big pdf's, so much so that I did my e-book referenced below in
> pdftex which is pretty economical.  Given e.g., a pdf 1.4 or 1.5
> file created by Scribus, with lots of png screen shots and the
> like,  what is the accepted wisdom for shrinking the file while
> retaining the content?
> Thus far I have thought of loading the pdf into Acrobat Reader,
> printing to file, and then doing a ps2pdf on that file but that
> might make things bigger.  Any thoughts?

Hi John,

Indeed, file sizes may increase, look at
and install that.

It will give you a quick result, one way or the other.



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