[scribus] portable Scribus

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 28 13:59:30 CEST 2009

Owen wrote:
>> hi All,
>> one user of an XP pro pc cannot start Scribus [] anymore.
>> Nothing happens, no error messages.
>> I tried to delete the .scribus folder with no success.
>> Other users of the same pc can start and use Scribus without a hitch.
>> To let the user work with Scribus, I downloaded portable Scribus
>> [] on an usb key.
>> The user can run Scribus from the usb key, but if she copies the
>> folder
>> from the usb key to her desktop, it won't start..
>> What the hell is going on?
>> We like Scribus, but is pretty unpredictable... should we go back to
>> Adobe gear?
> And if you change user it works perfectly well from that computer?
> I suggest it has absolutely nothing to do with Scribus, but all to do
> with the upgrade you did. I am not familiar with Windows stuff, but it
> sounds to me as though you have done something to the user that stops
> it from accessing the system.
> If the "other user" works ok, would it be possible to back up all
> "fawlty users" data, create new user, check that Scribus works, remove
> "Fawlty user" and then create ne "Non_Fawlty user"
> Nothing to do with Scribus IMHO

This sounds like my situation where I work. I don't have privileges to 
load programs or save data, at least in certain ways, yet I can run 
Scribus from a usb key, as long as I save documents to the key. So 
someone needs to look at this worker's privileges. As Owen says, this 
doesn't sound like a Scribus problem.
Maybe you need to abandon Windows for Mac or Linux gear. :D


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