[scribus] portable Scribus

GianLuca Sarto glsarto at tiscali.it
Tue Jul 28 10:31:34 CEST 2009

hi All,

one user of an XP pro pc cannot start Scribus [] anymore.
Nothing happens, no error messages.
I tried to delete the .scribus folder with no success.
Other users of the same pc can start and use Scribus without a hitch.

To let the user work with Scribus, I downloaded portable Scribus 
[] on an usb key.
The user can run Scribus from the usb key, but if she copies the folder 
from the usb key to her desktop, it won't start..

What the hell is going on?
We like Scribus, but is pretty unpredictable... should we go back to 
Adobe gear?


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