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John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Mon Jul 27 19:35:06 CEST 2009

On Saturday 25 July 2009 08:34:15 pm John Beardmore wrote:
> John Jason Jordan wrote:
> > ...If I need borders
> > then I typically create the table in OpenOffice.org Writer,
> > being careful to mimic the text styles that I am using the
> > Scribus document. Then I print to file from Writer. In Scribus
> > I use File > Import > Get Vector File, which imports the file
> > as grouped vector objects. It's not editable in Scribus because
> > printing to file converts all the text to outlines.
> What sort of file do you print to from OO ?
> > A lot of people have been asking for real tables for a long
> > time, but it is not going to happen for quite a while yet. I
> > can only assume that the developers have decided it is too
> > complex to tackle right now.
> Which is a serious PITA for those of us doing any kind of
> technical work !

Decades ago programming guru Grace Hopper cautioned against using 
FORTRAN for COBOL tasks and vice versa. At its current incarnation 
Scribus is excellent for  book covers,  ad copy, flyers, and 
newsletters.  It doesn't yet measure up for technical works with 
lots of tables, footnotes and the like.  And long works are a 
challenge for Scribus.  I suppose that with 1.3.5 or later one 
could call on one of several table macro sets that are available 
with TeX (I like the Texsys table macros) but then the problem of 
future correction still exists.  It is both easier and more 
satisfactory to do that book entirely in TeX, either pdftex plus 
eplain, Context, or pdflatex (in decreasing order of my 

The future looks bright. But there are limitations on the present. 
John Culleton
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