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Ok, John I used your cover template generator and everything was fine until
I exported to PDF. All of the information comes out great except for the
text where I am using Edwardian Script. Is there something wrong with that
font? Do I need to do something first before I export to PDF. Or do I just
need to use a different font? Any help would be appreciated.

...and do have a nice day!!!!

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On Friday 24 July 2009 03:04:46 pm THOU Mangement wrote:
> Ok. I managed to create the cover by redrawing my lines over the
> LSI template. But I am having another issue, when I export to PDF
> my results comes out haphazard. It's like some of my images are
> there and others are not and hardly any of the text came across.
> I looked in the fonts panel and saw all of my embedded fonts but
> my cover does not show the text. I set all my parameters for
> exporting as usual but maybe I missed something. I will check my
> parameters again and retry the export. Can any of you think about
> what I may have missed during an export to PDF. I think maybe I
> will have to reinstall Scribus or go and buy InDesign to
> do my cover. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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> I am using Also it was pulling the template fine on
> Saturday into Scribus but when I went back to start all over
> ->>PDF to EPS to SLA the lines would not come into Scribus. I
> think I did something in my preferences but I cant seem to figure
> it out because when I pull in the last cover I created for
> another book the lines are there. The version I have does not
> give you the option to import Tiff or PNG. Is there anything in
> the Preferences or Document Setup I need to change in order for
> the lines to show up? My template from LSI is one single page
> cover B&W 5.5 x 8.5 in or 216 x 140 mm (Demy 8vo) Perfect Bound
> on white with 152 pages. It' s a real simple template and I have
> not had this problem before  with LSI templates.
> John. I will get the PPI from LSI and try your template generator
> if all else fails. Thanks for your suggestions.
> Vera
> .and do have  nice day!!!
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> I am having serious problems with Scribus. When I export my PDF
> Template from LSi to a .eps file and bring it into Scribus I am
> missing my cover page and spine lines. I have the lines in PDF
> but I am not able to see it in Scribus. Please, please help. I
> have spent all day on this and to no avail. I am desparate.
> Should I just reload Scribus ans start from scratch?
> Vera

My help is listed in my sig block below. Cheaper and less trouble 
than InDesign.  Why people using Scribus bother with the LSI 
template is beyond me.  You can draw up your own template after a 
visit to:

Some authors tell me that they sent LSI a cover in the form of a 
TIFF file and it worked just fine.  Haven't tried it myself but 
maybe I'll experiment. 
John Culleton
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