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> Calum Polwart wrote:
> > On Fri, 24 Jul 2009 20:00:27 +0200
> > "a.l.e" <ale.comp_06 at xox.ch> wrote:
> >
> >> hi calum,
> >>
> >>> The plot thickens!  Because actually the only way I can get the
> >>> 'right' colours to show in Acrobat is to export for screen instead of
> >>> print.  But when I print them from acrobat to my inkjet it creates
> >>> the same overly darkened images.  Doesn't make much difference if I
> >>> turn ICM on or off on the printer.
> >> are you sure, that you're using the correct color profiles?
> >
> > The printer is using its colour profile, I recreated the monitor one last
> night.
> >
> >
> >> well, basically you're not supposed to use the same profile for printing
> to your inkjet and for preparing the document for print shop...
> >>
> >
> > Yeh well thats not entirely logical either!  You should be able to output
> to an industry standard and then tell the printer here's a job thats in
> industry standard format - use the printer specific profile built into the
> printer to output the job adjusted for the printer.
> >
> > The output I'm getting is so grossly deformed its not just the nuances of
> a bit of extra blue and bit less red...
> >
> > But the bit I don't understand is why scribus doesn't show these issues.
>  If the image showed too dark in scribus at least I might be able to adjust
> the colour in scribus to get it to show right on the print out...
> Have you read the colour management documentation? Sounds like your
> profiles are all screwed up, as well as you are not understanding that
> there is NO "industry standard profile" that matches all printers,
> monitors, image-embedded profiles etc. You need to get colour management
> profiles correct, or you should not use them. Export to Screen/Web when
> you want RGB for printers like some bubble jets, or web output. Export
> to Printer when you want CMYK output. Still, without profiles that does
> not help much unless your printer wants RGB, and using no colour
> management might help you out on the RGB track, although it still might
> be messed up.

i have found using the v.2 profile for hardware and software gives me the
rgb that is closest to my screen image.  here's the link:
http://www.color.org/srgbprofiles.xalter.  you may not be able to get to
this page directly, because there is an acceptance page you have to go
through first.

sometime back there was a very good discussion on color management and
hardware profiling.  you might want to have a read.  the topic was "how to
use color management" in the archives.  it is very enlightening.  but for my
purposes, the srgb with no black point scaling works for my soft proofing.
getting the cmyk profile from your commercial printer would be a good
thing.  it puts you in the ballpark.

good luck.


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