[scribus] Font in PDF does not match screen

John Beardmore John at T4sLtd.co.uk
Sun Jul 19 16:04:14 CEST 2009

Peter Nermander wrote:

>> It has nothing to do with bias. It has to do with you ignoring the word
>> "unwary". You aren't an unwary user. Neither (now) am I.
> The point here is that the need to embed fonts in PDFs is considered
> "common knowledge" among DTP people.

But the whole point about OSS software is that it is accessible to 
people who haven't had to spend thousands of dollars on software with 
training on top.

It's not as if DTP is rocket science, so surely we should make it 
accessible to non expert users.  Part of this is the giving of 
functionality without traps that require knowledge of 'tricks of the trade'.

> Anybody publishing anything in any format should learn the limitations
> of that format, and adjust their product to those limitations.

I don't agree.  PDFs can embed the fonts or not.  What they embed is 
defaulted by the generating software and overridden by the user when the 
PDF is created.

I would have though it sensible to default to embedding all fonts, 
giving notices that

     if you are sure that these fonts can be accessed by the
     recipients of the files, you may elect not to embed all
     the fonts used by this document,


     it is the responsibility of the user of the software to
     ensure that the use of the fonts embedded in this file
     complies with all legal and contractual requirements.

> So, this is in no way a Scribus issue, it is a PDF issue.

It is neither one or the other.

It is a PDF issue in that the PDF may contain the fonts or not, and a 
scribus issue in that it can embed them or not. And a user issue in that 
they can be diligent or not, and ignorant or not.

? You would
> have the same problem if you were using Indesign or using just Adobe
> Acrobats PDF printer driver.

Indeed, but there's no need to reproduce the defects in other software.

> You have to explicitly tell them to embed
> fonts.

In my configuration scribus seems to include them by
default ?

Cheers, J/.
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