[scribus] Font in PDF does not match screen

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer at gmx.de
Sat Jul 18 05:14:42 CEST 2009

Am Samstag, 18. Juli 2009 05:00:53 schrieb D. R. Evans:
> Nick Hasser said the following at 07/17/2009 08:28 PM :
> > D. R. Evans wrote:
> >> Nick Hasser said the following at 07/17/2009 07:29 PM :
> >>> A great example that we should always check our output before
> >>> publishing...
> >>
> >> But if I'd checked it in okular that wouldn't have given any indication
> >> of a problem. So merely checking the output is insufficient protection.
> >>
> >>   Doc
> >
> > Ah, yes, I should have said... "a great example that we should always
> > check out output in the environment it will be used/viewed before
> > publishing".
> >
> > Do your readers use okular on a system configured as yours? It only
> > seems common sense to me that if your readers will be viewing with
> > Acrobat on WinXP, for example, that you should test in a similar
> > environment before publishing.
> Well, this is going to go nowhere, isn't it? I think it's a problem that
> (apparently) in its default configuration scribus can lead the unwary to
> produce documents that aren't going to render the way the user expects,
> even after the user has looked at them; you disagree -- although I'm not
> sure whether you're serious or if you're just pulling my leg about
> installing XP (and buying a Mac?) just to check the rendering of a
> document.
> At least the developers are now aware that there's a trap for the unwary
> there (if they weren't before). Whether they think it's worth removing it
> is entirely up to them.
> At the very least some kind of warning ("Not all fonts are embedded; this
> document may not render as expected" or something like that?) would be
> nice. But it's their decision.
>   Doc

I think we're talking about 2 different issues here. Many licenses of 
commercial fonts simply don't permit embedding. There is sometimes also a bit 
set in those fonts that some programs read and consequently refuse embedding. 
Scribus doesn't do this, and thus you are always advised to read the license 
of the font you plan to embed to find out what's permitted and what isn't.

But since Scribus lets its users decide, if they want to follow the license 
conditions at their own risk, it does make sense to add the font embedding 
setting to the PDF tab in Document Setup/Preferences, which is planned.



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