[scribus] Size of text frame compared to contents

D. R. Evans doc.evans at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 16:03:04 CEST 2009

Ole Madsen said the following at 07/16/2009 09:26 PM :

> Perhaps this is a 64 bit issue?  My 32 bit installation of 1.3.5svn on
> Mandriva 2009.1 does not behave like that.  Sure, the text overflow

My understanding from the "text overflow in text frames" thread is that
this is indeed an inherent issue (i.e., not just 64-bit), and has to do
with the fact that the text frame assumes that it might contain characters
with bounding boxes that don't fit within it, even if it fact it doesn't do
so. So if (as in my case) one has only upper case characters in the frame,
the frame still assumes that there are characters with descenders present
and forces the user to include the space for those (non-existent) descenders.

> message crops up once in a while when there actually is no overflow, but
> it is not really a problem.

I haven't seen any kind of "text overflow message". All I see is that the
text disappears from the screen if I make the frame too short.

Once I understood the issue, I worked around it; until then I had thought
there was a margin setting somewhere that I couldn't find.


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