[scribus] How to personalize a booklet?

jwminer at accessvt.com jwminer at accessvt.com
Thu Jul 9 04:33:15 CEST 2009

Ronald wrote:
> I am confused!
> I ask something and get the answer BUY THE BOOK.  (BUY !!!!)
> I ask other things and get this answer.
> What should I think now?
> It seems that everything I ask here is just answered with GIVE ME
> In this way this list is not really a supportive mailing list.

I must say I was stunned by a couple of snarkish answers to Ronald's
situation,  but my grandchildren were here for a few days and I
didn't have time to post my opinions on this.

To those who all but said that charging for anything produced with a
free, open-source program like Scribus is against the spirit of open
source, how do you justify the rather hefty price for the new
Scribus manual? Is there something wrong about charging for it? And
what about the books you can buy about Gimp, Inkscape, OOo, and
Linux itself?

Or what about a member of this list who is charging for a book about
designing book covers with Scribus? Is this legitimate?

If using Scribus for a publication means it should be given away,
forget about making any inroads into the world of professional DTP.
The developers should stop working so hard and be content with a
program that produces amateur-level output.

As for schools, some are supported by taxpayers and don't cost
anything to attend. Others are supported by tuition. And then there
are charges for books and supplies, uniforms, lunches,
transportation, etc., etc. Have we forgotten There's No Such Thing
As A Free Lunch?

If we produce a product and someone is willing to pay what we
charge, there is nothing wrong with charging for it regardless of
what software we use to produce it.
--Judy M.

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