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Murray Strome wmstrome at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 8 02:58:44 CEST 2009

            Hi Alan,

            I have found that doing the initial edit in OO first is easier. I am using a bit older version (, as it is the one currently in my Kubuntu 8.04  repository. I have found that you CAN just import relatively simple OO text documents, with their formats intact, by creating a text frame, then right-clicking on it, select "Get Text", then browse to find your OO document.  Scribus will then create a bunch of paragraph styles that correspond closely to those in your OO document.  HOWEVER, I do not do this routinely, as I prefer to have more control, which I achieve by defining my own styles.  This is also important for me when I am producing regular newsletters and I want them to look much the same. Also, I receive contributions in all kinds of formats which are not consistent at all.  Thus, after editing the document in OO (fixing spelling and grammatical errors, improving the wording, etc.), I save it as TEXT (.txt) and use "Get
 Text" from those files, setting the particular styles I want for things like titles, contributors, signatures, bulleted or numbered items, etc..

I have found that copying text from OO documents to be a pain.  If there is only a piece of text, I usually copy it to a text editor, or in Kubuntu to KNotes, and then copy it from there into the Scribus Story Editor.  Trying to highlight then copying text directly from OO does not work very reliably for me.
"Blue Beehive" <alan at bluebeehive.com> wrote:


                Thank you for that info Murray.

found the tutorial after a helpful comment from John Culleton earlier
on and am working my way through it. As you say it is the new mindset
thing. After may years with MS (from 95 onwards) it is quite a bit of a
jump. And that is quite apart from the other jump into the world of DTP.

has seemed to me, and you obviously agree that it is best to write the
text in OOo first then import it. It doesn't appear that a cut and
paste will do - though I may be, and probably am, wrong.

you for taking the time to reply. As you say there are lots of people
willing to give up their time to help others. Even that is a revelation
after the secular word of MS. I just wish I could use this list


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