[scribus] I need help creating a publication for a public school

Tobias Lochner tobias.lochner at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 7 19:36:11 CEST 2009


I’m working as a teacher at a public school. At moment it’s my task to
compile a publication about all the stuff that’s going on at our school over
the year.

Because there is already an other booklet about the school, which is made by
a professional, I want to use (nearly) the same design, that was used in
this publication. (This is also wanted by the administration.) I attached a
two page excerpt as an example.

So this leads to my question(s):

Is it possible to realize this kind of layout with scribus at moment?

How can I get something like the circle-like borders on the left and right?

What about the dropshawdows?

Any Help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Bye, Tobias
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