[scribus] Some features or bugs in 1.3.5 (up to RC2)

John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Mon Jul 6 14:43:18 CEST 2009

On Monday 06 July 2009 07:10:46 am Henk van Andel wrote:
> The following pecularities were experienced:
>    1. When Storyboard is active (window open or minimized) and
> closing Scribus (red cross right upper corner), Scribus closes
> with an error without saving the work.
>    2. Hyphanation not working (menu option greyed out) until
> active text frame has been left and is re-entered again)
> Any similar experiences or solutions?
> Furthermore, it seems that under Vista it is almost impossible to
> use Scribus; verrrrrrrry slow! Scribus is much faster on my XP
> netbook than on my dual core 4 gig laptop under Vista Home
> Premium.
> Any suggestions or solutions (apart from telling me to use Linux,
> since there are no drivers for my super Nvidia hardware).

My suggestion: go back to Win XP.  It appears that Vista is in the 
same sorry class as Win Millenium.  It may be worth the $130 or so 
USD to buy the disk. 

Another suggestion. Download and burn a Knoppix CDR. Try that on 
your machine. It may recognize your Nvidia hardware.   I was told 
that Windows XP could not be put on my wife's new HP laptop with 
Vista, but the Knoppix disk ran like a champ.  If not, then you 
have wasted some time and created a coaster. If so, then a Debian 
install may be in order.  Even Knoppix itself can be installed on 
hard disk with a little googling and work. 

John Culleton
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