[scribus] Font Problems Reported from Printer's Prepress Analysis

avox avox at arcor.de
Sat Jul 4 16:47:00 CEST 2009

JohnReed Maffeo wrote:
> Hello,
> I just received a note from my printer's prepress. They are telling me
> "<the document I submitted>  has 3 fonts not embedded: CooperBlack, Fo0S0,
> Fo2S0". I am exporting my  files as PDF/X-3 from an IMac 10.4.11 from
> Scribus 1.3.5.svn Build ID: C-C-T-F-Q-Mac/Aqua Using Ghostscript version
> 8.61
> I have no idea what Fo0S0 or Fo2S0 are, and the Save as PDF dialog shows
> "Cooper Black Regular" in the Fonts to embed: section.
> The fonts to outline section shows Century Regular, Optima Italic, and
> Optima Regular. I am using Century Regular and Optima Italic in the
> document
> Note: The Fonts to embed: section also shows Arial Regular which I can not
> find in the document, which is a picture book of 40 pages and there is not
> a lot of text.
> Questions:
> 1. Is there a way that I can search for fonts in Scribus to see where the
> reference to Optima Regular and Arial are coming from?

You can search for fonts in a text, but currently there is no way to
identify the relevant textframes.
Usually those extra fonts come from default style settings or the doc setup
for the text tool.

OTOH those fonts arent used to produce text, so they shouldnt be a problem.

> 2. I guess that Fo0S0 and Fo2S0 are referring to the outline fonts that
> are being used. Is that correct
No. Outlined fonts are Type3 fonts and always embedded. Those are recodings
of real fonts, possibly Cooper Black regular is one of them.

> 3. Do I need to avoid using outline fonts?
No. Instead you could try to outline all fonts.

> 4. Any suggestions?

Please attach PDF and .sla to a bug report, so we can check it. I'm pretty
sure Scribus does font embedding and outlining correctly. Especially
outlining should be fail-proof - but we will rather check.

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